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Sadly many greyhounds are destroyed on a regular basis

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Sadly many greyhounds are destroyed on a regular basis because they do not have any place to go. In addition to promoting local adoptions since opening our adoption center in 1995, we have flown rescue dogs to California and Philadelphia as a way to place them outside the Florida area in responsible adoption centers in states where greyhound racing does not exist.

Though special air cargo rates were arranged, the unforgiving South Florida summer prevented many greyhounds from flying during the hot months. We wanted to help place our dogs outside of Florida year-round, so we created our “Greyhounds Going Home Project”. At first we used an old trailer that did not have a/c or heating. We completed several trips, but it was not a safe or comfortable way to transport our precious greyhounds. After doing a lot of research and getting a loan from the bank, we purchased a used shuttle bus. The seats were replaced with crates so we could transport 14 dogs in safety and comfort. The “Greyhounds Going Home” bus became an instant success!

Our success is due to our Community

Our Success

Already we have helped so many deserving greyhounds find new homes. We have a dedicated group who take turns making these trips. Two volunteers share the driving each trip, which to Philadelphia is 2800 miles roundtrip. Although the driving is difficult, the reward is immeasurable, with each trip saving 28 greyhounds, 14 that travel to new homes and 14 new ones that have a space at the adoption center.

We Are Grateful

Our Gratitude to the Community Foundation of Broward and the Elizabeth Cotter Memorial Fund for sponsoring the bus wrap and to David Wolf, NGAP, for providing the high definition pics. The dogs in the photos are some of our greyhounds that were placed in NGAP, Philadelphia. They are, Bishop, Selma, Joe, Maverick and Genesis. They were all adopted!!!  

Shout Outs!

Special recognition to our most frequent volunteer drivers and greyhound dads, Richard Hancock, John Gehr and Doug Gattis. They always make time in their busy lives to help our greyhounds. Also our gratitude to Carl Swett, Jerry Goodman, Randy Goodman and  Kate Long.