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Are you ready? Fill Out The Adoption Application!


Greyhounds are adopted by an application procedure only.

You must agree to keep your dog as an indoor pet.

When we receive your application, we will check your references and call to set up an appointment for a home visit. Upon approval of your application, we will set up an appointment at the adoption center.

we will match your request with the greyhounds presently in our kennel. Hollydogs profiles every greyhound and uses these profiles to match a greyhound with you. Remember that greyhounds are retired athletes, some are very young and others are older. All of them deserve a loving, caring home for life. Do not forget that animals do not discriminate, they love unconditionally. Personality is always the key. Together we will select your new family member. Once you have selected your pet, there will be a contract to complete and adoption fee.

Your dog will be able to go home in approximately one week. When you open your heart to a greyhound you will be rewarded many times over!!! Remember that PETS ARE FOR LIFE. Thank you for your interest in saving a life!!

Are you ready? Fill Out The Adoption Application!


Steps to begin the adoption process

Fill out an adoption application

  • Agree to have a home visit

  • Children in family must be at least 5 years of age

  • Adoption Fee $300.00

  • Includes spay or neuter, dental, shots, fecal, heartworms and tick diseases check

  • Safety hound collar and leash

  • Grooming mitt

  • Hollydogs ID Tag

  • Adoption Kit

Hollydogs Greyhound Adoption

Application Form

Pet ownership is a serious responsability. Hollydogs Greyhound Adoption feels that each greyhound adopted is to become a vital member of his new family. Each person that adopts a greyhound will not only  be aware of that responsability, but also be capable of and willing to accept that responsability morally, physically and financially and understand that greyhound pets are to live indoors. Not every person who desires to own a pet should own a greyhound. All greyhounds deserve a home, PLEASE do not discriminate them. They will love unconditionally.  The following questionaire has been designed to aid both you and Hollydogs in deciding if you and/or your family is indeed adequately prepared to assume the type of responsible ownership which we are endeavouring to assure for our adoptive Greyhounds. You must agree to have a volunteer visit your home. 

Name E-mail Address Phone Occupation How Did You Learn About Us? Why do you want a Greyhound as a pet?
Are you aware that greyhounds cannot be let off leash unless they are in a fenced-in area. Are you willing to keep your adoptive pet always on a lead if outdoors?
What other pets do you have (or have you had in the past) and how long have you had them? If you have other pets, please include the following info, Breed, Sex, Age and are they Spayed/Neutered? How many Adults and or children do you have in your household and what are their ages? (Be advised that 5 years old is the minimum safe age for children to play with greyhounds) Do you have a fenced in yard? If yes how tall is the fence in feet? (Be advised if you have no fenced in yard, there must be a park or area close by for you to regularly exercise your Greyhound.)
Did you know that greyhounds MUST live indoors and are you willing to share your home with your new pet?
Will you object to putting the dog in a crate? (The crate is an important training tool to help greyhounds adapt to their new environment, when home alone)
Approximately how many hours a day will your Greyhound be home alone? Describe the area in which you live? Do you live in a gated community? Do you live in a House, Apartment, Condo or Mobile Home?
If you rent or lease, do you have permission from your landlord to have a dog?
I Don't Know
Please Provide The Contact Number For Your Landlord Please give three references. provide name, phone number, occupation and relationship for the reference. If you have a veterinarian please provide clinic name, doctor’s name and phone number. Please provide hours a volunteer would be able to visit your home
By checking this box, I confirm that the information given in true, and correct.