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Dog Ownership is a Life Commitment

Give serious thought to owning a dog. Not only a dog needs food and water, it needs exercise, grooming, training, regular veterinary care and LOTS OF AFFECTION! Dogs require our time and consideration on a daily basis and in return they give us unconditional love. Owning a pet is a serious responsibility and if you have decided you are ready to have a dog for many years to come, please consider saving a greyhounds' life.

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    Are Greyhounds Aggresive

    No! Greyhounds are among the most gentle of breeds. They form a very strong bond with their human family and are eager to please. The muzzles that racers wear will protect their noses and aid in determining the winner in a photo finish. Greyhounds do not make good watchdogs. Some may bark if a stranger comes near but barking is usually out of excitement.

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    Are Greyhounds Housebroken

    All of the Greyhounds in our adoption center are "kennel broken" which means they will not relieve themselves in their kennel. Greyhounds are used to be taken out four or five times a day so when you get home this routine needs to be continued. They are intelligent, sensitive dogs and are very eager to please you. Once your routine is established you should have no problems with accidents in the house.

    The use of a dog crate is an effective tool during the transition period. Unlike what you may think, most dogs view crates as "safe havens" or dens, a place they can call their own.

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    Are Greyhounds Indoor Pets

    Yes! Greyhounds must live indoors. they cannot withstand temperature extremes and have delicate skin which requires sleeping on a soft bed. Greyhounds must never be chained or staked outside, they are highly social animals and must be with people indoors. Greyhounds must always be on a leash when outdoors or within a secure fenced area. All pets must live indoors, specially in South Florida, having a pet in the yard makes no sense and is cruel. Dogs need to be with people and deserve comfort and care.

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    Can I Trust My Greyhound Off Leash

    No! Greyhounds are sighthounds and can see clearly for a half mile. They have no knowledge of cars or traffic and can travel at great speeds. If they run away, they are likely to be hit by a car or die of heatstroke.

    Greyhounds love to run and within a secure fenced in area it is perfectly OK. Greyhounds enjoy walking and are very well behaved on a leash.

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    What About Children And Other Pets

    Greyhounds are patient, loving animals. All children should be taught to respect any dog that is sleeping. Greyhounds have lived with other greyhounds all their lives and should quickly make friends with other dogs in your home. Cats and other small furry indoor animals can become a greyhound's best friend if the introductory period is closely supervised.

Greyhounds Are Used To:

Rising early

Strict routine

Being handled

Music in their kennel

Walking obediently on a leash

Being with other greyhounds

Being with people

Greyhounds Need To Learn:

About steps and stairs

Windows and sliding glass doors


Swimming Pools

Riding In Cars